Friday, September 09, 2005

HNS Review

I did rather a lot of book reviews for the HNS last quarter, as evidenced by the arrival of the most recent HNR! When they're finally published, I've taken to adding the reviews to my website, and they can be found here. In her blog, Michelle Styles, one of the co-authors of the Lady Soldier likes the review, which is fortunate, as I did like the book :-)

But for the moment, I have no more books to review (though still have two forthcoming in the next edition of the HNR) and am catching up with other reading. Just got a copy of Margot Fonteyn's biography by Meredith Daneman, which is in stark contrast to Fonteyn's sanitised autobiography.


Sarah Cuthbertson said...

Hi Sandra

I noticed you'd done a goodly number of reviews for the current issue of The Historical Novels Review. I've done 5 for the November issue, which was too many really for the time I have available, but I just couldn't resist Charlemagne, Helen of Troy, Hadrian's Empire, Blondel's Song (all non-fiction) as well as This Thing of Darkness (fiction). And I'm just about to embark on Bernard Cornwell's Last Kingdom (for fun).

Sandra said...

The Last Kingdom is well worth a read; Bamburgh gets a mention :-)

I've just got hold of Tim Severin's Viking: Odinn's Child as a freebie from Tescos. They sent me a voucher saying I could choose one of their chart paperbacks up to the limit of £3.73. There was actually plenty of choice! But Severin's book will languish on my 'To be read' pile for a while, as I catch up.