Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Excavations at Sprotbrough, South Yorkshire

2007 was a good year for my ceramic building materials publications to appear, and this one can be found in the Yorkshire Archaeological Journal for 2007, Volume 79. The CBM report is co-authored with Cecil Spall, and can be found on pages 293-297. Of main interest was nib tiles, which seem to be a very typical product of South Yorkshire.

Congratulations to Chris Fenton-Thomas in getting the whole excavation report in print so quickly. The full reference for the whole article is:

Fenton-Thomas, C et al 2007 'Excavations at Sprotbrough , South Yorkshire,' Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, Vol 79, 231-310

Elginhaugh: A Flavian Fort and its Annexe

Britannia Monograph No. 23, W.S. Hanson with K. Speller, P.A. Yeoman and J. Terry

Elginhaugh: A Flavian Fort and its Annexe

Elginhaugh is the most completely excavated timber-built auxiliary fort in the Roman Empire. This report provides an assessment of all the structures, with particular emphasis on the identification of stable-barracks and the implications for the identification of garrisons based on fort plans, while extensive examination of the annexe makes a substantial contribution to the debate about the function of these attached enclosures. Because the occupation is so closely dated (A.D. 79–87), the site provides a very precise dating horizon for the wide range of artefactual material reported on. Of particular importance is the evidence for the local manufacture of coarseware and mortaria, including the identification of a new mortarium potter. An extensive programme of environmental analysis provides insight into issues of local environment and food supply. Finally, there is unique evidence that the site continued to function as a collection centre for animals after the garrison had departed.

November 2007, 2 vols. (c. 672 pages including 164 line-drawings and 58 plates). Paperback. ISBN 978 0 907764 34 2. £43/US$86 till 31 March 2008, thereafter £58/US$116

Its a Book, but it's also to do with bricks, as there is a brick and tile report. It's on pages 486-492 and was the first Brick and Tile report I ever wrote!