Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dura-Europos: Crossroads of Antiquity

Looks like some or one of these tiles may now be on show at Mount Scopos in Israel, but previously to that, there were tiles on show at the Dura-Europos: Crossroads of Antiquity exhibition in the US. See the article here:

And here's a tile (which is clay with a layer of alabaster) from the ceiling of a 3rd century building :

It shows Heliodoros, an actuarius, Dura-Europos, L7, House of Scribes.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

West Offices, York

West Offices is a site currently (July 2011) being dug in the centre of York. Of interest to this blog are the tile finds, including 9th Hispana tiles and circular pila tiles. Here's a few pix, courtesy of Duncan Stirk's flickr album:

9th Hispana tile stamp:

The almost regulation hobnail imprint tile:

Circular pila tile:

And here's a brief news report on the dig's open day in June:

And a bit more information about the site over time: