Sunday, September 11, 2005

HNS Newsletter

I'm co-editor of the HNS Newsletter, along with Sarah Cuthbertson and Lucienne Boyce. We take turns in being the main editor, swapping round every two months. My stint has now come round again, so I'm on the look-out for events, etc., to put in the Newsletter.

In particular, the current main events in the book world are the announcement of the shortlist for Booker Prize (two historical novels in contention) and the new film of Pride and Prejudice. The film, like Gladiator, may bring a ressurgance in the hf sub-category. Certainly, Gladiator made it a tad easier for Roman set novels to be published, and meant that existing series were more likely to continue. Perhaps Regency novels will become (even more) popular with the new P&P film! Here's hoping :-)

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