Saturday, February 15, 2014

Book: Roman Castleford by ...

In the late first century AD an important crossing point of the River Aire was strategically adopted by the Roman army in their campaign against the Brigantiam Celts.  The creation of a fortified site with an attendant settlement, was to establish a Roman presence that endured over 300 years.  As a legacy, Castleford has extraordinary potential for Roman archaeology, and this booklet tell what has been revealed so far.

Roman Castleford by Mitchell Pollington, ISBN 978187045352, £5.00.  Probably available from here, but not currently listed (Feb. 2014).  However, in the column on the left of their screen there's a 'Can't find what you want?' link where you could enquire.
Of course, if the book has managed to get onto this blog in the first place, there's some brick interest, along with some scale armour fragments ...:

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