Saturday, January 18, 2014

Book: Rediscovering Bradford: archaeology in the engine room of Manchester

Thought I had already covered this, but a search of my blog seems to say I haven't!  May be I just photocopied parts of it.  But anyway:

Here's the blurb:

Historically, Bradford was a rural township that lay beyond the eastern fringe of Manchester.  Settlement probably comprised little more than a few cottages scattered around Bradford Old Hall, a moated manor house that was built in the mid 14th century century.  This rich natural resource was the principal reason for the 19th century transformation of Brradford into a key industrial area, known locally as the 'engine room' for Manchester.  This booklet rediscovers the history of Braford, and summarises the findings from archaeological excavations of two important industrial sites: Bradford Colliery; and the famours ironworks of Richard Johnson & Nephew.

Of chief interest for brick fans is the information about the Bradford Colliery Brickworks, and here's a sample:

This is number 4 in the Greater Manchester's Past Revealed series.  The booklet costs £5.00 and the ISBN is 9781907686047.  A search on the Web brought up no details as to how to get hold of the publication, but it was published by Oxford Archaeology North.

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