Sunday, June 07, 2009

Leeds International Medieval Congress - 13th July

Brick and Tile in the Middle Ages
Monday July 13, 2009
Leeds University
Brick and tile were extensively used in the middle ages in north-western Europe both in cities and in rural buildings. Dating techniques are becoming more sophisticated and two of the papers look at the relatively new technique of optical luminescence and the insights this provides into the dating of early brick in England.

Sponsor: British Brick Society

Luminescence Dating of Medieval Essex Brick Thomas Gurling, Luminesence Laboratory, Department of Archaeology, Durham University

The Origin of Ceramic Building Materials for the Early Medieval Church at Chipping Ongar, Essex: A Case Study of Thermoluminescence Dating Applied to Building Archaeology Sophie Blain, Université de Bordeaux

Roof Tile and Brick in Medieval York Sandra Garside-Neville

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